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River Crossing on the Monitor Valley Scenic Drive

River Crossing on the Monitor Valley Scenic Drive

As is typical of most Nevada back roads, no bridges are provided over seasonal stream crossings. And really, who can blame the state? After all, for ten months of the year there is no water here - so why build an expensive bridge in the middle of nowhere just to benefit the two cars a day that might go across it!

Anyways, when driving down the Monitor Valley Scenic Drive - at least if you do it during the spring (April - June), do expect some of these stream crossings. Normally these crossings aren't deep. And usually either a thick gravel bed or cement has been poured down where the water crosses the road - thus greatly reducing the likelihood of getting stuck. That said, in a low-clearance two-wheel drive car, if you can't see the bottom - don't risk crossing it!

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