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Photo Use Policy of Exploring Nevada

ExploringNevada.Com has, by far and away, the most – and I think the best – photos of Nevada available online today. More than 2000+ original, high quality photos are on this site – with more being constantly added. All of these photos have been taken by the owner of the site – no third party sources have contributed any photos unless otherwise noted. Thus, there are no copyright worries by using our photos (when you have my permission, of course).

All photos on the site were taken with a 8-megapixel digital camera, the Canon 20d. Many of the photos have been manipulated in one way or another for web use, such as being cropped, optimized for faster loading, etc…Thus, the originals may be somewhat different from what is shown on the site.

Non-Commerical Use of Photos

As this site has an extensive selection of photos and many people need photos of Nevada from time to time – you may use up to 3 photos from this site for NON-COMMERCIAL use provided that accreditation is provided to Exploring Nevada.Com and a link back to Exploring Nevada.Com is provided. See example below:

The Smoky Valley in Central Nevada
 [Photo Courtesy of Exploring Nevada.Com]

In the event that placing credit for the photo and a link back to the site does not work for your layout (such as you want to use a photo in your logo), please contact me at the email address on the contact page and let me know what you have in mind. I’m willing to be flexible….if you are.

Also, the link back to Exploring Nevada.Com MUST be placed somewhere around the photo – and the link may not be cloaked or redirected in anyway. Once again, if this does not work for your site layout, please contact me with what you have in mind.

Notification : Once you have posted a photo from this site on your own site, please contact me using the Photo Use Email address on the contact page, letting me know the site name and the url of where the photo is posted.

Watermarks : Most photos on this site have watermarks on them. Provided the above guidelines are followed, you are free to remove the watermark.

Commerical Use of Photos (Online and Offline Use)

If you need to use a photo on a commercial site (a site that sells products/services), please contact me. In some cases, I will allow commercial sites, particularly very small ones, to use a photo without cost provided the photo use guidelines for non-commercial sites are followed (credit for the photo and a link back to Exploring Nevada is provided). Otherwise, for other commercial uses, a one-time fee will be charged. The fee will be based on what you want to use the photo for.

For commercial uses, high resolution copies of each photo are available. Average file size for the high-res photos is between 2.5 to 3.0 megabytes.

The Canon 20d (camera used for photos on this site), takes photos in a 3:2 format. Thus, at maximum resolution, photos will have the following dimensions : 3504×2336.

Some photographs on this site were also taken with the Canon A540 digital camera, a 6-megapixel digital camera. These photographs have a maximum resolution of 2848×2136 and are in a 4:3 format.

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