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Photographs of the Monitor Valley

The Monitor Valley Scenic Drive is located in central Nevada and runs between the historic town of Belmont and US Highway 50, ending near the town of Eureka. This beautiful and remote drive runs through the length of the Monitor Valley on a good-condition gravel road.

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Photos of the Monitor Valley Scenic Drive

Sign on US Highway 50 Sprawling Monitor Valley Near Belmont

Last of the Trees The Foothills Near Belmont Flat Valley and Snowy Peaks

Lots of Open Views in the Monitor Valley Snowy Peaks Rise Above the Desert Side Canyon in the Monitor Valley

Side-Road Getting Wet One of the few Road Signs Towering Mountains

Hard to Miss the Mountains Tall and Taller Mountains A Few Flowers in the Monitor Valley

Nice Ranch Location One of the Few Ranches in the Monitor Valley Mid-way Through the Monitor Valley Drive

Vast Expanse of Emptiness Thunderstorm Brewing Near the Northern Terminus of the Valley

Bold Bird on the Road River Crossing Seasonal Stream Fed by Snowmelt

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