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ExploringNevada.Com has one of the simplest privacy policies around. Under no circumstances is any information you provide (such as your email address) given to anyone else. In fact, no personal information is retained by this site at all.


The Smoky Valley in Central Nevada
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We also do not currently set any cookies on our visitors’ computers. However, we do maintain affiliations with a number of other companies. When you click on one of their links in our site, a cookie will be set on your machine. This cookie does not contain any personally identifiable information. All this cookie contains is information that lists what site you were just visiting when you clicked on the link. Essentially, the cookie is a link tracker that shows that you clicked through to one of our partners’ sites from Exploring Nevada.Com. The information in the cookie is only used by our partners to track sales. No other information is included.

No Pop-Up’s on Exploring Nevada.Com

I despise pop-ups with a passion. For this reason, I do not use them on Exploring Nevada.Com. If you are seeing pop-ups while browsing this site, then I have some sad news for you – YOUR COMPUTER IS INFECTED WITH SPYWARE. Spyware or Adware, whatever you want to call it, serves up ads based on the content of the page that you are viewing. These ads are triggered from YOUR computer and do NOT originate from Exploring Nevada.com. If you are seeing pop-up’s while browsing Exploring Nevada.Com, I would suggest getting a spyware/adware removal program such as Ad-Aware or Spybot Search and Destroy.

No Spam Here

Exploring Nevada.Com does not retain email addresses of people who contact us. Nor do we solicit any email addresses of people. Nor do you have to register to have full access to the site. Nor do we sell/lose/”misplace” email addresses of anyone who contacts us. In short, I don’t want your email address.

And since I don’t have your email address or any email address lists, I don’t send out any spam. Simple, huh?

So What Information is Collected?

Nothing that is personally identifiable. The only information collected that is of interest to me is the web logs that all web sites have. Web logs basically show the activity on a web server – such as how many visitors the site had in a day, what search terms people used to find the site, etc…. Additional information in our logs include what browsers our visitors were using (such as Netscape or Internet Explorer), how long our visitors stayed at our site, and how many pages in our web site they visited. In short, none of this information is personally identifiable in any way.

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