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Exploring Nevada is a site dedicated to exploring the hidden corners of Nevada. While you'll find plenty of information - especially photographs - about such popular places as the Las Vegas Strip and Reno, this site is more tailored toward the person who wants to explore Nevada away from the glitz, glamour and flashing lights of Las Vegas and Reno.

What will you NOT find on this site? You won't find endless and often times phony casino or restaurant reviews. Instead, this site is meant for the visitor who knows, or at least suspects, that there is "something beyond" the Las Vegas Strip and wants to find out what's there.

Wheeler Peak in Great Basin National Park   [Photo Use Policy]

Few people ever truly see Nevada. Those who fly into Las Vegas probably see some of the ugliest parts of the state - and thus conclude that Nevada is nothing more than endless desert inhabited by nothing more than rattlesnakes and dust devils - with a few brothels thrown in to liven things up.

Hopefully, this site will put the stereotypes of Nevada to rest. By exploring this site, a visitor will discover that Nevada is far more than flat hard-pan desert. Nevada has snow-covered towering mountain ranges, gorgeous valleys, and - for the truly adventurous - the most remote areas a person can explore in the Lower 48 states.

Where to Start?

If you are interested in exploring nevada, then a common question is "where to start." So, let me make some suggestions. If this is your first time on the site, you might wish to explore these sections of the site.

  • Nevada Scenic Drives : This section has dozens of scenic and remote drives a person can do. Some drives require a 4wd vehicle, while others follow paved highways. A general rule, though, for all these drives is that the scenery is unique and memorable and, for paved drives, traffic is light.
  • Photographs of Nevada : This section has several thousand unique and original photographs of Nevada. These photos span the entire state, from the Las Vegas Strip to small towns like Wells to remote areas like the Monitor Valley and Angel Lake.

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