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The Big Smoky Valley in Central Nevada
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The words "Nevada" and "scenic" are not often used in the same sentence by people who have never been to Nevada before or who have only flown into Vegas and seen nothing beyond the hustle and glitz of the Las Vegas Strip. And this is unfortunate. Why? Simple. For those who enjoy long, scenic and empty drives - Nevada is absolutely full of beautiful and scenic drives.

Yet few of these scenic drives are marked on any kind of a map. And as the areas where the scenic drives are located tend to be located in areas where a person isn't likely to just "pass through," very people know about these scenic drives.

This section of Exploring Nevada has one purpose - to highlight in words and photos the many beautiful and rural drives that a person can do in Nevada. The types of country these drives pass through is diverse - from desert, to mountain, to alpine and open agricultural lands. But the drives all share one thing in common - they are beautiful in their own way AND few people ever travel on these roads.

Central Nevada Scenic Drives

Big Smoky Valley Scenic Drive The Big Smoky Valley Scenic Drive : A paved drive though the huge and sprawling Big Smoky Valley of Central Nevada.

Desatoya Mountains Scenic Drive Desatoya Mountains Scenic Drive : A paved and enjoyable drive through the remote Desatoya Mountains and across the Smith Creek Valley of Central Nevada.

Hamilton Ghost Town Scenic Drive Hamilton Ghost Town Scenic Drive : A beautiful ten mile drive to the historic ghost town of Hamilton in Central Nevada, just off US Highway 50.

Monitor Valley Scenic Drive Monitor Valley Scenic Drive : A beautiful and exceedingly remote seventy-six mile drive through the Monitor Valley of Central Nevada..

Reese River Valley Scenic Drive Reese River Valley Scenic Drive : A beautiful drive through the Ione Valley, Shoshone Mountians and the sprawling Reese River Valley of Central Nevada.

Northeastern Nevada Scenic Drives

Angel Lake Scenic Drive Angel Lake Scenic Drive : An eleven mile paved drive up the flanks of the Humboldt Mountains to scenic Angel Lake.

Clover Valley Scenic Drive Clover Valley Scenic Drive : A paved road through the Clover Valley, which lies at the base of the Humboldt Mountains.

Lamoille Canyon Scenic Drive Lamoille Canyon Scenic Drive : A short, paved drive just outside of Elko that leads into the heart of the beautiful Ruby Mountains.

Ruby Valley Scenic Drive Ruby Valley Scenic Drive : A remote drive through the beautiful Ruby Valley and the Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

Secret Pass Scenic Drive Secret Pass Scenic Drive : A paved drive through the beautiful Northern Ruby Valley and across "Secret Pass."

Sprucemont Ghost Town Scenic Drive Sprucemont Ghost Town Scenic Drive : A remote and beautiful drive on a gravel road to the ghost town of Sprucemont and the ruins of Monarch Mine.

Eastern Nevada Scenic Drives

Mt. Wilson Backcountry Byway Mt. Wilson Backcountry Byway Scenic Drive : An 81 mile drive through the heart of the Wilson Creek Range, outside of Pioche.

Rainbow Canyon Scenic Drive Rainbow Canyon Scenic Drive : An paved 21 mile drive through the colorful rock formations of Rainbow Canyon, south of Caliente.

Spring Valley Scenic Drive Spring Valley Scenic Drive : A fantastic drive through the remote Spring Valley of Nevada, with beautiful views of the Snake Range.

Success Loop Scenic Drive The Success Loop Scenic Drive : A fun drive near Ely that lies in the shadow of the Schell Creek Range, crosses Success Summit, and goes through Cave Lake State Park.

Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive : A spectacular drive into the higher elevations of Great Basin National Park in eastern Nevada.

Northwestern Nevada & Lake Tahoe Area Scenic Drives

Walker River Scenic Drive Walker River Scenic Drive : A drive along the remote East Walker River in west-central Nevada.

Virginia City Scenic Drive Virginia City Scenic Drive : A scenic twenty mile paved drive that begins outside of Reno and leads to the historic town of Virginia City.

Lake Tahoe Scenic Drive Lake Tahoe Scenic Drive : A paved 68 miles loop around beautiful Lake Tahoe in California and Nevada.

Mt. Rose Scenic Drive Mt. Rose Scenic Drive : A beautiful paved drive that provides outstanding views of Lake Tahoe & the Washoe Valley of Nevada.

Southern Nevada Scenic Drives

Christmas Tree Pass Scenic Drive Christmas Tree Pass Scenic Drive : A short, scenic drive through the Newberry Mountains in southern Nevada, just outside of Laughlin.

Red Rock Canyon Backcountry Byway Red Rock Canyon Backcountry Byway : A short, paved road through the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

Spring Mountains Scenic Drive Spring Mountains Scenic Drive : A paved drive that leads into the high elevations of the Spring Mountains, just outside of Las Vegas. This drive is also known as the Mt. Charleston Loop.

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