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Inside the Shops of the Nevada Northern Railway

The Nevada Northern Railways is a historic railroad that is based in Ely, Nevada. It has near-daily rides except during the winter, when a weekend schedule is followed. The railroad has several diesel and steam engines.

In a previous photo gallery, photographs of what you see on a ride to Ruth and the mine there are shown. In this particular gallery, the photographs show the shops/warehouses/engines that the railway owns, along with photographs of many of the cars as well as the Ely Depot.

You can’t just “take a tour” of the shops of the Nevada Northern Railroad. Instead, this tour is offered to anyone who has already rode the train (at least the morning train, I’m not sure about the afternoon one). You can take the tour once the train returns to the depot.

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Photos of the Northern Nevada Railroad Shops

No Politicians Allowed #40 Engine Switch Engine

Steam Engine Warming Up Warming Up for the Afternoon Run Old Kennecott Copper Switch Engine

Small Kennecott Copper Switch Engine Rotary Plow An older steam engine

Engine Garage of the Nevada Northern Railway Old Kennecott Copper Crane Kennecott Copper Crane

Roundhouse of the Nevada Northern Railway Building of the Nevada Northern Railroad Private Events Passenger Car

Baggage Car Yard of the Nevada Northern Railroad Depot of the Nevada Northern Railroad in Ely

Old Army Engine East Ely Railway Station  

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