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Photos of a Ride on the Nevada Northern Railway

The Nevada Northern Railroad is a historical railroad based in Ely that still operates a steam engine. During the summer the railway offers twice daily trips. The first trip heads up to Ruth, which is the base of a very large mine. The second trip, usually done in the evening, heads north toward the town of McGill.

The Nevada Northern has several engines. Which one pulls which train can change, but generally the morning train is pulled by a diesel switch engine while the evening train is pulled by a steam engine.

Additionally, anyone who rides the train can also take a tour of the shops at the Nevada Northern Railroad, a tour WELL worth taking. You see all sorts of interesting artifacts, learn how the engines are refurbished, and see many, many old engines that are going through one phase of rehab or another. View the Photo Gallery of the Railways Shops.

All the photographs in this gallery were taken on the day I rode the morning train out to Ruth, Nevada. This route is about 5 miles long and plows right along the edge of downtown Ely. The train also passes through a tunnel.

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Photos of the Northern Nevada Railway

Orange Engine & Yellow Caboose Orange Engine of the Nevada Northern Railway The Yard of the Nevada Northern Railway

View of the Yard & Flatcar Nevada Northern Railway Yard Ely Seen From the Train

Ely Seen From the Train #2 Renaissance Village in Ely Stardust Ranch Brothel

Old Buildings and Mine Tailings Mountains of Mine Tailings Near Ruth A Mine Tailing Big Enough to Ski Down

Inside a Passenger Car of the Railroad Ghost Train Sign for the Nevada Northern Railway Abandoned Town

Approaching the Tunnel Downtown Ely Mule Watching the Train

Passenger Car of the Nevada Northern Railroad Yard of the Nevada Northern Railroad  

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