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The courthouse in Elko
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Located in northeast Nevada, Elko is the largest city in this part of Nevada and has a population of over 17,000 people. Since Elko is the largest city on Interstate 80 in-between Salt Lake City and Reno, Elko is host to thousands of people “passing through.” As such, Elko is full of hotels, restaurants and casinos to meet the demands of the large number of travelers who stop at Elko for one reason or another.

But Elko is more than a travelers rest stop in-between Reno and Salt Lake City. Elko is also a gold mining town. With the boom in gold mining, Elko has managed to survive the “Great Recession” quite well compared to the rest of Nevada. Anyone who visits Elko on a weekend night might be shocked to see how busy the downtown area of Elko is, as the town swells with miners and ranchers coming into town for a night out.

Elko also has a great location for outdoor interests. The Lamoille Canyon Scenic Drive and the Secret Pass Scenic Drive are located nearby. And the beautiful Ruby Mountains are located just twenty miles to the south. Hiking, fishing, rock climbing and hunting are all popular outdoor activities in the mountains outside of town.

Downtown Area of Elko
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Anyone who visits the downtown area of Elko can’t help but notice the large parking area in the middle of town that stretches for more than five blocks. Once upon a time, the railroad cut through the downtown area of Elko. And in the downtown area was a small rail yard. However, a number of years ago, the railroad re-routed the line outside of the downtown area, and the land was transferred to the city. However, Elko so far hasn’t found a use for this plot of land beyond turning it into a massive, cement parking area.

Due to Elko’s 5,000 foot elevation, Elko doesn’t have the hot climate found in the southern part of Nevada. Elko has beautiful summer weather, with sunny days and highs in the 80’s to low 90’s. During the winter, highs are typically in the 30’s with cold nights. Although Elko doesn’t receive lots of snow, the Ruby Mountains outside of town receive plenty of it due to their high elevation.

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Western Pacific Engine in Elko Humboldt River Downtown Elko

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Map of Elko & Vicinity

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