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Photographs of Tonopah, Nevada

Tonopah is located in west-central Nevada, on US Highway 95. Tonopah has a nice and, for small towns in Nevada, a rather sizable downtown area. Tonopah also has a great museum, the Central Nevada Museum, that anyone interested in mining and Nevada history should visit. Tonopah is also close to the southern beginning point of the beautiful Big Smoky Valley Scenic Drive.

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Photos of Tonopah, NV

Downtown Tonopah #1 Downtown Tonopah #2 Downtown Tonopah #3

"Big Bill Murphy" Dedication Sign Downtown Tonopah #4 Downtown Tonopah #5

Downtown Tonopah #6 Entrance to Tonopah Central Nevada Museum

Mucker Car Muffle Oven Horse Drawn Ore Wagon

Replica Engine of the Tonopah-Goldfield RR Miners Tent "Open Shop" Notice

Old Photo of Tonopah Mining Operations Overview Photo of Tonopah Old Mining Rig

US Air Force Mural #1 US Air Force Mural #2  

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