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Photographs of Hawthorne, Nevada

Hawthorne is located in west-central Nevada, on US Highway 93. The town is home to the massive Hawthorne Army Depot, which is an ammunition storage site that sprawls over 147,000 acres. One of the primary attractions in Hawthorne is the Hawthorne Ordnance Museum. This museum is free (last time I visited) and is a unique place to visit. Hawthorne is also near the sixty-mile long Walker River Scenic Drive and the scenic Walker Lake.

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Photos of Hawthorne, NV

Casino in Hawthorne Gun in Hawthorne Old Helicopter in Hawthorne

Hawthorne Ordnance Museum Ordnance on Display at Museum Ordnance #2

Ordnance #3 QH-50D Aerial Drone Sign Explaining Aerial Drone

Torpedo Sign About Hawthorne Downtown Hawthorne

Downtown Hawthorne #2 Undersea Warfare Old American Motors Sign in Hawthorne

Duds Kill Ordnance at the Museum MK-16

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