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Photographs of the Clover Valley Scenic Drive

The Clover Valley Scenic Drive is located in NE Nevada, and begins a few miles south of Wells. The drive follows Nevada Highway 232, a flat and paved road, which cuts through this beautiful valley that lies at the base of the towering Humboldt Mountains. The drive is also short - just 16 miles. If you're driving through Wells on Interstate 80, consider taking this drive (especially in the spring or fall), as it's a beautiful drive.

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Photos of the Clover Valley Scenic Drive

The Beginning of the Scenic Drive Cows Grazing Cows & the Humboldt Mountains

The Vast Clover Valley Foothills of the Humboldt Mountains Clouds & the Humboldt Mountains

The Expansive Clover Valley Power Truck Stuck in the Mud And Another Power Truck Stuck

Flowers & Mountains Hay Machine in the Clover Valley Highway 232 in the Clover Valley

Snowy Mountain Peaks Red Barn Tractor in the Clover Valley

Old Buildiing Foundation The Humboldt Mountains Humboldt Mountains at Dusk

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