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Nevada has a unique and colorful history - both in and outside of Las Vegas. The books shown on this page all provide a coloful introduction to various aspects of the history of Nevada.

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Haunted Nevada : Nevada is the nation's fastest growing state. And one of the most haunted. From the bright lights of Las Vegas to the small town of Virginia City, some of the Silver State's former residents still linger long after death has claimed them.

Las Vegas : an Unconventional History : Written in conjunction with the PBS American Experience series and coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the founding of the city, Las Vegas: An Unconventional History documents the often surprising and endlessly entertaining history of America’s most outrageous playground.

Las Vegas : Then & Now : A photographic journey through the history of one of America's most distinctive towns, Las Vegas. Part of the highly successful "Then and Now" series, each spread shows an image of Las Vegas as it was, and how it is currently.

Las Vegas Babylon True Tales : Vegas-based reporter Burbank aims to cut through the hype that surrounds the country's top tourist Mecca and reveal-in addition to the usual tales of excess and self-destruction-the "seriously malfunctioning society beneath the 'It's Vegas, baby!' façade." Part gossip smorgasbord, part cautionary tale, the book speeds through the city's century-long history, from its mob-dominated early flourishing to the less murderous but still sleazy local politics scene.

Policing Las Vegas : Policing Las Vegas chronicles the evolution of law enforcement in Las Vegas and Clark County from the days of night watchmen and cops who carted drunks to jail on horseback to today’s acclaimed Metropolitan Police Department. It’s filled with stories about the colorful characters on both sides of the law, drawn from history, legend, and the personal accounts of many men and women who policed Las Vegas.

Railroads of Nevada and Eastern California - Vol. 3 : Railroads of Nevada and Eastern California is the premier work on transportation in the Silver State. The photos are suprb, the text inclusive and the maps are a must for rail buffs and modellers seeking authenticity.

Roadside History of Nevada : Book covers the history that you find in Nevada along the state's various highways.

Sharks in the Desert : The complete saga of Las Vegas from its early roots with the mob to modern corporate times is presented in a lively history of the city's real rulers in SHARKS IN THE DESERT: THE FOUNDING FATHERS AND CURRENT KINGS OF LAS VEGAS. Many made their fortunes developing the casino business the city is most famous for today - but many myths have surrounded their activities - myths which columnist Smith dispels in an investigative history which tracked mobsters and their connections to the city's rich and monied.

Sierra Nevada Natural History : The magnificent and much-loved Sierra Nevada, called the "Range of Light" by John Muir, is the dominant feature on the California landscape. First published forty years ago, this handbook has become an enduring natural history classic, used by thousands to learn more about virtually every aspect of this spectacular mountain range--from its superb flora and fauna to its rugged topography.

The Fountains of Bellagio : The Fountains of Bellagio were designed to be superlative, and not just in size. The people creating them wanted to bring sophistication and stateliness to a place better known for glitz, to embody the full spectrum of culture, from Technicolor musicals to Italian opera.

The Man Who Invented Las Vegas : In 1946, two men battled for power in Las Vegas. Bugsy Siegel stole Billy Wilkerson's dream of a luxury hotel in the desert, and died in a hail of bullets. Although Billy lived on for many years, he never spoke of the man some believe was murdered for stealing his dream. Now, in this compelling First Edition, Billy's son finally uncovers the secrets behind the building of the Flamingo Hotel and the death of Bugsy Siegel.

The Silver State : The Silver State explores many dimensions of the Nevada experience and its peoples – from the prehistoric Anasazi Indians to the creators of extravagant casinos on the Las Vegas Strip; from dust-stained Comstock miners to the state’s contemporary and very cosmopolitan Sunbelt population. This book will inspire readers to take another look at the rich cultural heritage and eventful history of Nevada, the Silver State.

When the Mob Ran Vegas : Vegas like you've never seen, tales you've never heard -- until now. Sizzing, behind-the-scenes stories about the men, the Mob, movie stars, and missing money that made '50s and '60s Vegas such a hot spot in the Nevada desert.

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